WRAL News story on inappropriate teacher-student relationships

I recently did an interview with WRAL news about the increasing number of inappropriate sexual relationships between teachers and students. In this area in particular, there was a recent incident with a female teacher at a Durham elementary school and a 10 year old student. The link to story on WRAL news with my interview is:
Helpful tips for parents:
1) Have constant communication with your kids about their day at school, their teachers, appropriate boundaries with teachers, etc.
2) Be wary if a teacher is paying excessive attention to your child and look into it. It’s better to err on the side of caution than to be sorry.
3) Watch out for relationships between your child and a teacher in which there seems to be an element of secrecy or exclusivity (the teacher doesn’t want other students or parents involved in the interactions)
4) Monitor your child’s electronic world – occasionally check their emails, IM’s, text messages, etc. Don’t give them carte blanche with these technological devices.
5) Follow your gut instinct – if the way your child talks about a teacher (or other trusted adult) or interactions between your child and a teacher make you uncomfortable, INVESTIGATE!


One Response to “WRAL News story on inappropriate teacher-student relationships”

  1. Mom/Kat Says:

    Good interview! My sister and I watched it while I was up there visiting. It’s sad that the necessity to discuss such a topic even exists.

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